Nestle Blue Riband biscuit production to be moved to Poland

Confectionery giant Nestle plans to cut almost 300 jobs, mainly in York and Newcastle, and move production of the Blue Riband chocolate biscuit to one of its factories in Poland. Sites in Halifax and Girvan will also be hit.
The GMB and Unite unions have expressed their anger at the decision."Rather than turning its back on its UK workforce, Nestle should be investing in its UK operations and keeping production here at plants in the UK," said Unite national officer Julia Long."We will be campaigning to save as many jobs as possible and pressing Nestle to think again about these plans."

UK Snap general election

MPs have overwhelmingly backed Theresa May’s plan to hold a snap general election on June 8 paving the way for the campaign to begin in earnest. The House of Commons voted in favour of the poll by 522 votes to just 13.

Gina Miller plans on getting her nose in once more as she said she will “build the biggest tactical voting effort in UK history”Gina Miller is the same woman who her self said is not a fan of refurendum and "the decision should not be made by the public".In Which im sure many who live in a free and democratic country will see her views as very undemocratic.

North Korea anything but 'unpredictable' as US threatens to engage

fNorth Korea has pursued a rogue nuclear weapons program, defying sanctions, and international condemnation. It has participated in
and walked away from countless negotiations, engaging in a game of bait-and-switch that dates back decades.On Tuesday the US President tweeted: 'North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A.'
In response China warned that war could break out 'at any moment', while the Kremlin today called for 'restraint' as tensions escalate
between North Korea and the United States.
North Korea could have the resources to fire missiles loaded with sarin nerve gas, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has warned. During a parliamentary hearing on national security, Mr Abe said there is "a possibility" Pyongyang is "already capable of shooting missiles with sarin as warheads".

US warships sent towards North Korea over nuclear threat

The US has sent warships into waters near the Korean Peninsula in a show of force against North Korea's "reckless" nuclear threat.It comes days after North Korea condemned America's strike on Syria as an act of "intolerable aggression", claiming the move justified "a million times over" their reasons for developing a nuclear deterrent.President Donald Trump talked to China's leader Xi Jinping this week about the need for Beijing to encourage Kim Jong-Un to halt his nuclear weapons programme.Ahead of the meeting, North Korea fired a medium-range ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan.
In the latest sign that tensions are increasing, the US has deployed a Navy strike group led by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier from Singapore.
It described the decision to divert the fleet from scheduled calls in Australia as "a prudent measure to maintain readiness and presence in the Western Pacific".
Despite UN resolutions barring North Korea from any use of ballistic missile technology, Mr Kim has been busy developing missile capabilities. So far five nuclear tests have been staged, two of them last year.0

History in the making Article 50 is FINALLY triggered

History in the making Article 50 is FINALLY triggered May prepares to set out her plan to forge a 'bright new future' outside the bloc. Theresa May is preparing to do her Brexit plans with a vow to forge a 'bright new future' today after the historic letter that will finally trigger our divorce from the EU arrived in Brussels. Nine months after the people delivered their verdict in the referendum, UK envoy Sir Tim Barrow arrived at the European Council's offices bearing a diplomatic bag which contains the notification of our departure.

UK Parliament terror attack

Four people, including a police officer who was stabbed and the assailant, were killed after a terror attack that saw more than 20 people injured outside the Parliament building on Wednesday.Acting Deputy Commisssioner and Head of Counter Terrorism Mark Rowley told reporters they believe there was only one attacker. Among the injured were three police officers.

Theresa May hails Parliament’s backing of Brexit bill as a sign to EU that ‘we mean business’

Theresa May has hailed Parliament’s backing for the landmark Brexit bill as a sign to the EU that “we mean business”.The PM also confirmed to the Commons yesterday that she will reappear in front of them to formally trigger Article 50 exit talks within two weeks.
that would be “a defining moment” for Britain, she also insisted. Mrs May’s remarks came after Parliament finally passed the law to authorise her triggering our EU walk out without conditions after a titanic five week battle.
“Passing of the referendum bill will send a very clear message that we mean business”.Her remarks came after Parliament finally passed the law to authorise her triggering our EU walk out without conditions.

Theresa May makes case for the UK precious Union

Prime Minister Theresa May has called on her fellow Conservatives to continue "loudly and clearly" putting the case for the "precious Union" of the UK.
During a speech to the Scottish Tory conference in Glasgow she said "we are four nations, but at heart one people".
Mrs May had earlier criticised the SNP-led government at Holyrood for having tunnel vision over a second Scottish independence referendum.
The PM insisted that "logic and facts" were on the side of the UK.
Mrs May told the conference that she was "determined" to ensure that "we leave the EU as one United Kingdom and prosper outside the EU as one United Kingdom".

Queen makes history with Sapphire Jubilee

The Queen has become the first British monarch to reach their Sapphire Jubilee, with royal gun salutes to mark the historic day.On February 6, the anniversary of the day she became Queen, Elizabeth II has reigned for 65 years.

Theresa May speach: England are leaving the EU and single market

Theresa May has said the UK "cannot possibly" remain within the European single market, as staying in it would mean "not leaving the EU at all".
The PM promised to push for the "freest possible trade" with European countries and warned the EU that to try to "punish" the UK would be "an act of calamitous self-harm".for the countries of Europe and it would not be the act of a friend". She added: "I am equally clear that no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain."She also said Parliament would vote on the final deal that is agreed.The European Parliament's lead negotiator said there could be no "cherry-picking" by the UK in the talks. Mrs May used her much-anticipated speech to announce her priorities for Brexit negotiations, including maintaining the common travel area between the UK and Irish Republic and "control" of migration between the UK and the EU.

George Michael 53, dies of suspected heart failure

Michael, who shot to fame as the front man of Wham! in the 1980s, died peacefully at his home on the 25th Dec in Oxfordshire, his publicist said.
His manager Michael Lippman said the cause of his death was heart failure, according to the Associated Press.

R.I.P George Michael..

Tunisian man 'identified as suspect in Berlin attack

German police are hunting a Tunisian man over the Berlin market attack after finding an identity document in the lorry, according to reports.
The document was found under the driver's seat of the vehicle that ploughed into crowds at the Christmas market on Monday evening, killing 12 people.
Der Spiegel and Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the document, apparently asylum office papers announcing a stay of deportation, was in the name of Anis A, born in 1992 in Tataouine, Tunisia.
The suspect was also known to have two aliases, according to the newspapers.
Bild said Anis A was known to police for bodily harm and is considered dangerous. Ralf Jaeger, interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, said the suspect - who arrived in Germany in July 2015 - had been in contact with
the network of a leading Islamist ideologist known as Abu Walaa.
He said the suspect, who went by a number of names, had an asylum application rejected, but declined to comment on whether he was on a watch list. (sky)
Around 150 police stormed the centre for migrants in the town of Emmerich, near the border with the Netherlands. ID papers discovered in the truck reveal the suspect had been given a temporary stay permit by the German authorities.

Fidel Castro dies at 90

The 90-year-old's death was at 10.29pm on Friday after a long battle with illness was announced on state television by his brother and current President Raul Castro. He said "the commander in chief of the Cuban Revolution" would be cremated on Saturday, concluding: "Until the everlasting victory, always."
some Cubans described his loss as "a painful blow", others rejoiced, blaming the revolutionary leader for the deaths of innocent people and separating families.
Havana resident Mariela Alonso, a 45-year-old doctor, said: "There will be no one else like him. We will feel his physical absence."
In Miami, jubilant Cuban exiles and their descendants chanted "Cuba si! Castro no!" on Calle Ocho - 8th Street - against the backdrop of a carnival-like atmosphere of fireworks, salsa music and car horns.
Thousands of people cheered as others drummed pots with spoons, waved Cuban flags and danced, some spraying champagne into the air.

President Elect Trump

Donald Trump has pledged to be the president to ‘Make America Great Again’ and now he’s got the chance to back up his words.
Day 4 of protests in the US against President-elect Donald Trump has turned violent in Portland, Oregon.Several thousand demonstrators gathered in the centre of the western city. Some smashed shop and car windows, threw firecrackers and set rubbish alight.Police declared a riot and arrested 29 people. Protests in other US cities were smaller than on Wednesday. Mr Trump earlier said in a tweet the demonstrations were unfair and had been incited by the media.

The protesters, mainly young people, say a Trump presidency would create deep divisions along racial and gender lines. DONALD Trump yesterday paved the way for beefed-up trade ties with post-Brexit Britain as he held his first talks with Theresa May.Reaffirming the importance of the two nations’ special relationship, the US President-elect, whose mother was Scottish, told Mrs May the UK was a “very, very special place for me and for our country”.
In a telephone call before visiting the White House for handover talks with President Barack Obama, he said he would be honoured to welcome her to Washington as soon as possible to discuss a trade deal face-to-face.

Thai king death Nation mourns the loss of King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Thousands of Thai mourners are lining the streets of Bangkok, hoping to see the body of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as it it moved from a hospital to a temple in the Grand Palace.The world's longest-reigning monarch died on Thursday aged 88, sparking a national outpouring of grief. The government has declared a year-long official mourning period. Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn has been named as successor, but has asked for a delay in the process.

Kim Kardashian robbed at gun point in Paris Kanye hires extra security for Kim

Kim Kardashian reportedly feared she was going to be raped during Sunday night's terrifying robbery. The 35-year-old mum was bound, gagged and put in a bathtub during the nighttime raid on her Paris apartment.According to US reports, the reality star was laying in bed with her robe on when she heard loud footsteps making their way up the stairs of the two-storey home.
TMZ reports that she saw one masked man and another dressed in a police hat through a sliding glass door and immediately tried calling longtime bodyguard Pascal Duvier.
Duvier was looking after Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner at a Paris club at the time. However, before the call went through, one of the robber's snatched the phone away from her.They then bound her hands with cuffs and duct tape.One of the men is said to have grabbed her by the ankles - which is the moment a terrified Kim reportedly told police she was about to be raped.
They then duct taped her ankles and put her in the bath. At that point, she pleaded with them not to kill her because she is a mum, and told them they could take whatever they wanted.
According to the website, the robbers only spoke French but said they kept saying "ring, ring", referring to her brand new diamond ring gifted to her by Kanye. When Kim continued to cry and plead, they then taped her mouth shut.
One of the star's friends - stylist Simone Harouche - was also asleep in the apartment and when she heard the noise she locked herself in the bathroom and called Pascal.He reportedly arrived at the apartment two minutes after the robbers left. Kim's spokesperson said she was left "badly shaken but physically unharmed" by the ordeal.
Update: Kanye West ‘hires team of Kim Kardashian lookalikes’ and spends £6m boosting security after Kim’s £8.5m robbery.

Shimon Peres funeral

World leaders have hailed the vision of the late Israeli leader, Shimon Peres, as he is laid to rest three days after he died at the age of 93.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described him as "a great man of the world", as he led the eulogies.US President Barack Obama said the presence of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the funeral was a reminder of the "unfinished business of peace".Mr Abbas was among dozens of foreign dignitaries attending in Jerusalem. Shimon Peres was the last of the generation of politicians who founded Israel in 1948 to leave the public stage. But even though his life of public service stretched over 70 years, it is not difficult to pick out the highlight. In 1993 he was one of the group of politicians including Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin who signed the Oslo Accords - Israel's first peace deal with the Palestinians.

New york bomer supect

New York officials are looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalised US citizen who was born in Afghanistan for questioning over Saturday's blast in the Chelsea area of Manhattan.The bomb injured 29 people and another unexploded device was found nearby. Early on Monday, a backpack containing up to five devices exploded in Elizabeth, New Jersey, when a bomb disposal robot tried to deactivate it. New York's governor said there were "commonalities" between the bombs. The 28-year-old suspect's last known address was in Elizabeth. FBI officials were searching a residence in the New Jersey city on Monday.
Update!! New York bombings suspect Ahmad Rahami in custody after shooting police officer in Linden, New Jersey - US media*

Keith Vaz male rent boys scandal: Keith Vaz steps down

Labour MP Keith Vaz has stepped down as chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee. It follows newspaper claims he paid for the services of two male sex workers. He said: "It is in the best interest of the Home Affairs Select Committee that its important work can be conducted without any distractions whatsoever.Vaz attended his final home affairs select committee in the Grimond Room on Tuesday.

Gene Wilder dies at 83

Willy Wonka star Gene Wilder has died, aged 83.The Hollywood actor, known for roles in comedy classics such as Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, has been hailed a "comic genius" and one of the "great talents" of his generation.Wilder's nephew said he died earlier this month in Stamford, Connecticut, having suffered from Alzheimer's disease, the Associated Press reported. His friend Mel Brooks, who directed The Producers, the classic comedy in which Wilder starred, said on Twitter: "Gene Wilder - One of the truly great talents of our time. He blessed every film we did with his magic & he blessed me with his friendship." Stephen Fry tweeted: "Farewell #GeneWilder, comic genius. Thank you for all those happy, happy hours."

R.I.P Gene Wilder you will be remembered as a true talent who brought joy kids big and small all around the world!

Notting Hill Carnival 50th birthday this bank holiday

Carnival sunshine for many this Bank Holiday Monday. Notting Hill Carnival bands are taking to the roads of west London for the second day of what is thought to be Europe's largest street music festival. Up to 60 bands in colourful costumes are taking part in the Grand Finale street parade. This Carnival is a special one, for it celebrites its 50th birthday.

Team GB back after best Olympic Games wins

Team GB has arrived back in the UK from Rio following their best Olympic Games for more than 100 years. Great Britain won a historic 67 medals in Brazil - including 27 golds -amounting to their best ever away Games and most successful Olympics in over 100 years.
The team finished the Games in second place in the medals table, second only to the United States and one place ahead of China.Shortly before 10am on Tuesday they landed back at Heathrow Airport following a long-haul flight.
Among Team GB's standout performers at the Games were Max Whitlock, Britain's first gymnast to win an Olympic medal, and Mo Farah, who secured back-to-back 5,000m and 10,000m golds.

Usain Bolt wins Gold in the 100m run for the third time

Usain Bolt claimed a record third 100m title while tennis player Andy Murray won Britain's fifth Rio gold medal on GB's best day at an overseas Olympics. Bolt, 29, ran 9.81 seconds to beat Justin Gatlin to gold and follow up his titles at Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie Murphy dies aged 57

US comedian Charlie Murphy has died at the age of 57 following a battle with leukaemia. The prominent stand-up and actor, who was the older brother of Eddie Murphy, passed away at a New York hospital on Wednesday,
his publicist has confirmed.According to TMZ, Murphy had been undergoing chemotherapy at the time of his death. The comedian had a career as a successful stand-up comic in the US before becoming a household name
through Dave Chappelle’s Comedy Central skit show.
R.I.P Charlie Murphy A true story teller and a true talent God bless you and rest in perfect peace!!

Scottish referendum: Scotland votes 'No' to independence

Yesterday evening the Government's Brexit Bill cleared though both Houses of Parliament, paving the way for her to trigger Article 50.
Peers in the House of Lords backed down and accepted the supremacy of elected MPs after they rejected amendments on the issue of giving MPs a “meaningful vote” on the final Brexit deal and guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens. Speaking after the result, Mr Davis said: “Parliament has today backed the Government in its determination to get on with the job of leaving the EU and negotiating a positive new partnership with its remaining member states.

Brexit: Gina Miller threatens with new legal action

Gina Miller has threatened fresh legal action against the Government if parliament doesn’t have a “meaningful” vote on the final outcome of Brexit negotiations. The 51 year old who admitted spending more than £200,000 of her own money taking the govenment to court on article 50 was taken to task by a BBC presenter who asked her if she 'looked desperate' for her attempts to try and block Brexit.
Shoreham air crash

Pilot errors and ineffective measures to protect the public led to the deaths of 11 men when a vintage jet crashed on to a dual carriageway during the Shoreham air show, investigators say.The Hawker Hunter jet crashed on the A27, destroying vehicles and bursting into flames on 22 August 2015. A further 13 people, including the pilot Andy Hill, were injured.

NHS trust is Under new law to charge health tourists

NHS trust will have to charge foreign patients “upfront” unless they can prove they are eligible for non-urgent care, Jeremy Hunt has announced.
The Health Secretary said the law would be changed from April to ensure that overseas patients made a “fair contribution” to healthcare they received.
The move means anyone flying to the UK for non-urgent treatment such as a hip operation or cataract removal could now be turned away unless they agree to pay the NHS bill.A handful of hospitals have introduced upfront charges for overseas patients already, with requirements to provide a passport and utility bill, to help officials establish entitlement.

MEP Helga Stevens EU politicians will veto Brexit deal if UK 'better off leaving than remaining'

MEP Helga Stevens told a European Parliament Presidential debate her “red line” would be “if it’s better of the UK to leave than stay in”.
The European Conservatives and Reformists Group’s Presidential candidate said the deal needs to be one which “benefits both of us”.
She told the debate, organised by Politico: “If it’s better for the UK to leave than stay in, then that’s my red line.
“My belief is what we need to do is a fair deal which benefits both of us. The UK will still exist, still be part of Europe so we need to make an effort to make sure there’s a win-win situation.”

Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at aged 60

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher has died at the age of 60, four days after suffering a heart attack on a flight to Los Angeles.
The American star, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the films, died in hospital where she had been receiving treatment after becoming unwell on the flight from London.
The actress and author had been on a tour to promote her new book, The Princess Diarist, in the UK, and had also been shooting the third season of the sitcom Catastrophe.She suffered a heart attack as she travelled back to the US just before Christmas. Doctors and nurses on board the aircraft performed CPR and paramedics met the flight at Los Angeles international airport.
Fisher made her film debut opposite Warren Beatty in the 1975 hit Shampoo, and was also an author who detailed her struggled with drug addiction and mental illness in several best-selling books.
She also had roles in films including Austin Powers, The Blues Brothers and When Harry Met Sally.
R.I.P Carrie Fisher.

Russian ambassador to Turkey killed

The Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was shot and killed while attending an art exhibit in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara. The shooting was caught on dramatic, graphic video. The shooter was also killed. Karlov
had been ambassador since July 2013. He was 62 years old.Russia's intelligence services are to develop extra security measures for its embassies following the killing of its ambassador to Turkey.
Andrei Karlov was shot dead as he gave a speech on Monday in Ankara. The gunman, Mevlut Mert Altintas, 22, an Ankara policeman, was apparently protesting at Russia's involvement in Syria's Aleppo. He was later shot dead.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the attack was aimed at hurting ties with Russia.

Germany needs post-Brexit EU trade deal with Britain

Germany needs a "comprehensive" new trade EU deal with the UK after Brexit to minimise the potential fallout for its own economy, a leading politician has warned. Ilse Aigner, the Bavarian economy minister, said that Brexit poses a "high risk" to the economy and argued that the UK is one of the "most important trading partners for Bavaria", one of Germany's most prosperous states.

New Zealand earthquake

Strong aftershocks have roiled New Zealand following a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that killed two people. The South Island has seen hundreds of tremors, including a 6.3-magnitude quake, after the initial one struck after midnight on Monday. The epicentre is northeast of Christchurch, near the town of Kaikoura which has been cut off by landslides. A large river dammed up by a landslide also breached its banks, sending a "large wall of water" downstream.
Residents around the Clarence River - one of the largest on South Island - were being urged to move immediately to higher ground.

A school girl in Oxford UK was abducted and Sexually attacked

A teenage girl walking to school was abducted by two men and subjected to a serious sexual assault. The girl, who was wearing a school uniform, was grabbed near Marston Ferry Road and Banbury Road in Oxford at 08:25 BST on Wednesday.She was driven away by two white men in a silver car and found more than three hours later about a mile away, knocking on doors and seeking help. Police warned children walking to school to stay in groups.The girl was found at midday by officers on Cavendish Drive after she knocked on doors in the area.Police forensics teams have been examining the street for evidence. Update: Thames Valley police appeal for witnesses who may have seen two white men and silver car in which attack took place. The victim left her house and walked along the Banbury Road, towards the junction of Marston Ferry Lane. Shortly after that she was abducted and attacked.

Zianna Oliphant made a tearful plea to her city

Almost too small to reach the microphone, 9-year-old Zianna Oliphant stepped to the podium Monday at the Charlotte City Council meeting.A week had passed since the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott — a period marked by anger and unrest in North Carolina’s largest city. Zianna had come to discuss race relations. More specifically, the young girl wanted to talk to city leaders and police about being black.

Theresa May migration crisis Speach

Theresa May will criticise the West's response to the migration crisis when she addresses world leaders later.At a UN summit in New York, she will call for a greater distinction between refugees and people trying to enter a country for economic reasons.The PM will also say refugees should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach and stress that nations have a right to control their borders.The UN says a record number of people have been displaced by conflict.

Anjem Choudary jailed for support for IS

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been jailed for five and a half years for drumming up support for so-called Islamic State (IS). His supporters in the public gallery of the Old Bailey courtroom shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as Choudary was sentenced.The British-born 49-year-old backed the terrorist group in a series of talks posted on YouTube, and recognised a caliphate - a symbolic Islamic state - had been created under an IS leader after it was announced In June 2014. Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, 33, was jailed for the same period for inviting support for IS between June 29, 2014 and March 6, 2015.

HRT increase Cancer risk

Hormone replacement therapy can triple the risk of breast cancer, the biggest ever study has found, following more than a decade of controversy.
Last year the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (Nice) changed guidance to encourage more doctors to prescribe HRT claiming too many menopausal women had been left suffering in silence.HRT is used to treat uncomfortable symptoms of the menopause – such as hot flushes, migraines, disrupted sleep, mood changes and depression – by topping up the decreased levels of hormones produced by the body.
But doctors were reluctant to prescribe it after a study in 2002 suggested it could raise the risk of cancer, a claim later widely disputed.Now new findings by the Institute of Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Now suggest the original risk had actually been underestimated. A study of 100,000 women over 40 years found those who took the combined oestrogen and progestogen pill for around five years were 2.7 times more likely to develop cancer compared to women who took nothing, or only the oestrogen pill. The risk rose to 3.3 times for women who took the drugs for 15 years or more. Around 14 in 1,000 women in their 50s are expected to develop breast cancer, but that rises to 34 in 1000 for women taking the combined pill, the study suggests.

Former Aston Villa star Dalian Atkinson Tasered to Death by Police

Dalian Atkinson dies after being Tasered by Telford police Former footballer Dalian Atkinson has died after being shot with a Taser by police at his father's house.Police said the weapon was deployed at about 01:30 BST in Telford, Shropshire after officers were called to a report of concern for a man's safety. A neighbour described seeing the former Aston Villa star, 48, being Tasered after "stumbling towards" police. Mr Atkinson went into cardiac arrest on his way to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at about 03:00. Paula Quinn, who lives in a first-floor flat near the Atkinson property in Trench, said: "They were shouting and kicking so much all I could hear were the boots hitting him.
"And then the officer who released the Taser stepped back while the other officer still continued to kick and then I could hear him shout to the other officer that was still kicking, 'Back off, back off, back off.'"And then the officer with the Taser asked the gentleman to put his hands behind his back and did so probably two or three times and reactivated the Taser another four or five times after that."

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